How to access Files Between – Mac and PC – Via Ethernet.

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Step1: Power OFF both Computers
Step2: Connect a CATEGORY 5 cable to the RJ45 input of both computers.
Step3: Power ON both Machines.

Step:4 Go to the PC and click on the START BUTTON
and click run (windows vista /7 click in the search bar) .

Step5: Type CMD (which will bring you to a command prompt).
Step6: Type IPCONFIG then press enter.
Step7: WRITE DOWN the IP address listed (example
Step8: Go to the mac machine .
Step9: From the APPLE MENU Select SYSTEM PREFERENCES from the view menu
Step10: Select NETWORK.

Step11: Click Advanced then click the TCP/IP Tab.
Make Sure that using DHCP is selected.

Step12: Enter IP address from pc click OK to save configuration.

Now we are set up…

Step13: Goto the pc and select the folder you want to share RIGHT CLICK and select PROPERTIES.

Step14: Select the SHARING TAB. Here you can select privileges Or you can simply drop file /folders to the SHARED DOCUMENTS FOLDER or preferably copy/paste (right click select copy. Now navigate to the SHARED DOCUMENTS FOLDER. Right click and select paste to the SHARED DOCUMENTS FOLDER).

That’s IT!

Hope This Helps.


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