About DaTroubleshooter

Ray Datroubleshooter is a Certified IT Professional working in the Greater Los Angeles, Antelope Valley and surrounding areas. He has been building, maintaining and repairing computers since the year 2000, when he graduated from U.E.I (United Education Institute). Ray datroubleshooter started doing graphic design for business cards, flyers, banners, postcards, brochures, wedding invites, obituaries and some T-shirt designs. With his growing graphic design skills, Ray Datroubleshooter started creating websites. He then enrolled and attended Antelope Valley College which led to Earning a Degree in Computer Science as a Software Engineer/Developer. Appending his experience in designing Web Sites using html/ CSS/ Action script 2.0-3.0. Ray Datroubleshooter has moved toward becoming a full stack developer and is now not only coding/designing but implementing the best practices of Engineering. You can visit Ray Datroubleshooter@ RayClarkTechnologies.com/services.html to view some of his work.
Thank you for visiting: Datroubleshooter’s blog.
  1. Gloria Mera says:

    Why my phone keep on and off

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