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MacBook pro 13″ late 2007/2008 model

Hard Drive Capacity: 120 GB Release Year: 2007/2008
Processor Type: Intel Core 2 Duo Product Family: MacBook
Processor Speed: 2.20 GHz Screen Size: 13.3″
Weight: 5 lb. Memory: 1 GB
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard

Its easy!

Tools needed:

1.  Medium sized Flathead screwdriver

2. Small Phillips screwdriver.

3. Patients!

Step1. Locate the battery lock/unlock latch under the Mac-book and with a Flathead screwdriver turn the latch counter clockwise to release the battery.

unlock lever

Release Lever

Step2. Remove battery.


Removing Battery

Step3. Unscrew the seventeen (17 ) screws aligned inside the battery compartment.

Remove these screws

Battery Compartment

also you will see three (3) screws holding a thin metal bracket. Remove bracket.

Step 4. Now you will see three screws under the bracket. Remove.

Removing Screws

Battery compartment screws

Step 5. Unscrew the three (3) screws located on the bottom of the book.

Three Screws located on the bottom.

Remove these screws

Step 6. Now turn the Mac-book over and remove two (2) screws from both sides of the Machine.

Remove screws from the sides.

Side Screws

Step 7. Open the cover and GENTLY pry open the edge of the keyboard to get to the ribbon connecting the keyboard to the Main-board.

Pry open the edge

Step 8. Locate the ribbon and find the removal tab near the end closest to the Main-board.

Grab the tab and pull straight up.

Keyboard ribbon

Keyboard Ribbon

Macs Need Cleaning too.

Mac Keyboard removal

(Remember to be very careful when removing these delicate components)

Now you should be able to remove the keyboard plate to access the mainboards peripherals. wireless card, Ram, HardDisk, Heat-sink, CPU, GPU, Fan, Speakers etc.

Hope this helps !